Samsung PBX / PABX Telephone Systems and ICT Networks

Communication & ICT Network

Specialising in telecommunications and partnering with the leading brand Samsung makes us very strong in all aspects, from cutting edge technology to excellent after sales service to all our customers.

Our Offerings

Professional Communication Systems

We provide the most professional communication systems, allowing companies to function as a unified organism, with each part efficiently contributing to the whole. As a Samsung partner we cater for large companies as well as small-to-medium-sized enterprises, allowing them to capitalise on the benefits of IP technology.

 Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers in the areas of connectivity, hardware and call centre systems and a full range of products including traditional PABX systems ranging from 0— 1900 ports, IP telephony and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Wireless Area Network (WAN) solutions and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Power Control Module Units(PCMU)

We understand local market conditions and are able to offer Power Control Module Units(PCMU) that offer customers a 48-month guarantee against power spikes, voltage differences and frequency changes in the power supply from Eskom. Customers can expect reliable communications solutions with five hours minimum run time, even when there is load shedding.

Business Connectivity

Internet access and staying connected is a critical part of doing business. at Levivi 22 We offer design, installation and commission of business communication infrastructure.

Our services include:

Data cable installation
Fiber Optic installation
Wireless solutions
Data centre specialists
Call centre specialists
CCTV Cameras
Multifunction Printers